Juicy – The Video of the CD!

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of performing at many venues and entertaining audiences. I’ve been lucky enough to have some of these filmed, either as snippets, or the whole show. Collected here are some of those which I didn’t put on YouTube, fearing that to put my best work on social media would leave me with nothing to perform in public.

So here, for a limited time, are the recordings of some of my favourite poems. The audio from these and others appear on my CD, Juicy, which can be ordered here: https://robertgarnham.bigcartel.com/product/juicy

I’d like to thank those who have filmed me including Laura Jury and Danny Pandolfi

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  1. Marr calls himself a “drawer”, not an artist. In fact, the whole point of his new work, A Short Book About Drawing, is that he is no artist – even though every illustration in it is drawn, painted or sketched on an iPad by him. Once, he argues, drawing was the basis of fine art. Today, it’s barely taught by art schools, but that’s a liberation for the rest of us: we can draw without having to judge the results as art.
    This comes before the last last paragraph.


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