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Robert Garnham


If you would like me to perform at your poetry night or comedy club, contact me at the above email address.

I give workshops on writing comedy poetry and have done so for adult groups and sixth form students.

I also have experience as a host or compere, having performed this role at Big Poetry, Stanza Extravaganza and Poetry Island in Torquay, Speaky Blinders in Paignton, the GlasDenbury Festival, Apples and Snakes in London, Taunton Street Festival, and for private companies such as the Aesthetic Clarity Awards Ceremony.

I currently coordinate Big Poetry, a monthly spoken word night at Torquay’s Blue Walnut.

Also feel free to contact me if you’d be interested in having me as a poet in residence at your place of work, or if you would like a poem written on any subject.

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  1. Emma says:

    Hi Robert, I saw you at the Ciccic in taunton the other night and sooo enjoyed your performance! and wondered if you could let me know if you have any gigs coming up. I have a friend I would very much like to bring along who I think is a somewhat hidden repressed writer With a great sense of humour and therefore would like your info about writing workshop dates and costs.


    1. Hullo! I have gigs in several places but none of them are Taunton. I’ve got my book launch in Torquay tomorrow night, and I’m in Totnes on Tuesday night, then in January I’m bringing my show Juicy to the Bike Shed Theatre on the 17th. I’m in Swindon and Aldershot too. Hope this helps!

      I haven’t got any scheduled workshops lately, alas. I should really get going with that and book some!


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