Short Stories

Below you will find links to some of the short stories that I have had published. I hope you enjoy reading some of these!

The Shivering House (Black Moon, 2021)

Chad Bottle and his Super Saharan Wonderland Dreamworld (Winamop Magazine, 2021)

Clown School on a North Sea Oil Rig (East of the Web, 2021)

Aphorisms for a New Viscosity (Chamber Magazine)

Instruction Manual (Black Moon Magazine, 2021)

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with the Dalai Lama (Spank the Carp Magazine, 2021)

Smudge (Dillydoun Review, 2021)

Cutting Through (Ink Sweat and Tears, 2021)

Salzburg (Johnny America, 2020)

Chuckles in the Flophouse (The Oddville Press, 2020)

Yurt Boy (Riggwelter, 2020)

This Year’s Cold Heart (Piker Press, 2020)

Pouffe (Here Comes Everyone, 2020)

Troutface in First Class (Idle Ink)

Amid the Frolicking Penguins (Jersey Devil Press, 2020)

Stuck in a Sleeper Service Corridor (Printed Words, 2020)

Thirsty Work (Defenestration, 2020)

Tit (RSPB / Back from the Brink, 2020)

Even Better than the Real Thing (Ink Sweat and Tears, 2020)

The Funnelled Wind (Flash Fiction Online, 2020)