Lines on discovering the end of the Argos catalogue

Lines on discovering the end of the Argos catalogue

You book of dream and aspiration,
Fairly-coloured slab of retail authority,
Chunky table-leg wobble-sorter,
Go on, sniff the glue of the spine,
Run your hands over those brittle pages
Like an old family Bible,
Riffled and wrinkled with over-turning motions,
You bring up such emotions
Oh hope, tantalising, and camper than you ever thought,
Each page a potential christmas, that free
Magazine go on, close your eyes and dream of
Salad spinners and personal stereos,
Open them. The first step on any journey.
No, I haven’t bought it yet,
But I’ve got the Argos catalogue.
I wipe a tear from my eye
With my handkerchief (page 149)

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