This Is My New Show (Poem from my show ‘Bouncer’

This is my new show

Ink flowing from a polished nib
Blotch on the paper Mrs Henderson
See those letters dance
Find that rhyme
Slam it on the page
Boom, that's a poem!
Do those similies look good together?
It’s a dating app for metaphors!
That’s what poetry is.
Any fool can do it
And I’m living proof.

Oi, Professor of Whimsy!
Got a poem for us?
Well, so impertinent!
But as it happens
I’ve got a cracker!
Not only a poem but
A new show,
A new show!
Do you like poetry?
Do you like Keats?
I don’t even know what a Keat is.
No thanks you can keep your cup of tea
I’d rather have some poetry!

It’s my new show!
My new show!
The show I’ve just written
It’s a new show!
It’s a word jamming grammar scamming
Rhyme scanning beat panning
Big slimy monster of a show!
It’s a finger licking word flicking
Rhyme dictionary-picking big bad
Grumbler of a show!
It’s so new it’s still got the cellophane on it!
It’s got that new show smell,
Red wine and angst.
It’s a new show!
This is the show.
This is the start of the show.
Oooooo I can’t wait for you to see it.
Oooooo I can’t wait to perform it.
Oooooo did I tell you it’s a
New show
A new show
Welcome everyone to my
New show

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