Take a selfie with your camera,
A selfie with your phone,
Put your selfie up on Instagram
The moment you get home.

Take a selfie at an angle,
A selfie all a kilter,
Manipulate with photoshop
And add hashtag no filter.

Take a selfie in the rain
A selfie soaking wet
Put the selfie on your Facebook page
No ones liked it yet.

Take a selfie do a duck face
And another just for luck
Do the duck face thing so well that
People think you are a duck.

Take a selfie at a wedding
Take a selfie by mistake
Take a selfie with the coffin
As you’re grieving at a wake.

Take a selfie for publicity
A selfie to get wealthy.
Take a selfie of yourself
While you’re posing for a selfie.

Take a selfie tag a friend
Take a selfie tag a mate
Take a selfie suck your cheeks in
My god have you lost weight?

Take a selfie with a selfie stick
A selfie in a pose
Hold your phone at such an angle that
People can see right up your nose.

Take a selfie in Westminster
Take a selfie in perhaps in Chelsea
Take a photo of a friend and say
My god, it’s a someone-elsie!

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