The contents of my 2018 memory jar revealed at last!

So today, being the first day of the year, contained what might be the start of an annual tradition. And no, I don’t mean changing the duvet cover. I do that often, and in fact I have got it down to a fine art. No, this was something much more momentous.

You see, twelve months ago I bought a large glass jar from Poundstretcher, and I decided that every month I would write some positive and uplifting that had happened over the last few weeks, and put it in the jar so that I could empty the contents and read it on the first day of the new year, just to remind me what an amazing year it had been.

So here, for you dear reader, are the contents of my memory jar.

Bought a jar and some bits of paper.

Remembered that I’d bought a jar and some paper and wrote this on one and put it in the jar.

Dusted the jar.

Remembered that I had the jar after reading somewhere about buying a jar and filling it with memories, and thinking, gosh, perhaps I’ll go out and buy a jar and do just that, and remembered that I’d already done it.

Had some nice soup. Mulligatawny.

Thought I’d lost the jar but it turned up more or less where I’d left it.

Made some marmalade and almost used the jar to put it in and I stood there for ages in the kitchen thinking, hmm, a jar, I need a jar, and then I looked at the jar and I thought, should I? Should I? But then I remembered that I don’t like marmalade.

Got drunk and decided to give the jar a name, and the name I decided to give the jar was Jar Jar Binks.

Gary said, the door is ajar! And quick as a flash, using my Lightning Wit, I said, and so is the jar! And he said, what? And I said, what? And then we both just kind of stood there and looked at each other.

Still got the jar.

Went to a lovely party at Celia’s house and afterwards I thanked Celia for such a nice time no she said, it’s my pleasure, you must come round again some time and we do this all over again, so two hours later I went round and knocked on the door and she was in her dressing gown with a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth and she looked at me and I said, well, you did say, and she just glared at me, looking right mardy. Anyway, it was a nice party.

A shaft of early morning low sunshine detracted through the jar and set fire to my Argos catalogue, but luckily I was on hand with a Dr Pepper and managed to quell the conflagration. Decided to throw it away, these things are a death trap, so took the bits of paper out and read them and out them online on my blog.

So there you have it. It’s totally worth doing and you will have at least twenty minutes of fun on New Years Day and then you’ll forget all about it, or else feel really miserable.

Have a great new year!

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  1. Nice… I got a rather big fancy jar in 2018. I thought about putting ideas in it but it just seemed too big. I considered using it as a swear jar but even I don’t use that many expletives. In the end I decided to place my rock collection in it… The stones I have gathered from locations round the world and the fossils off the Jurassic beaches (Shhhh!). Then in a moment to remember it just split wide open. It seems I over did it and the jar couldn’t take all that internal pressure from the rocks. I had to pick up all the glass and transfer my rocks to a shoebox. Somewhere amongst all those rocks are my thoughts from 2018 one day I may dig them out!


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