A Poem for Sebastian Vettel

In a sport of macho gas guzzlers
Mean spirited go getters tough talking overpaid wankers,
He was by far the one of the few voices of sanity,
Whose worldview and outlook
Somehow lifted the whole sport above
And hinted at a conscience.

Its not what you do or what you win,
It’s how you treat your fellow humans,
For are we not all travellers, lapping
Imaginary circuits or else that giant ride
We all take around the sun each year?

There’s a world beyond the obvious, an existence
We all inhabit, yet
Few take the time to sit back, look up
From what they’re doing,
Ask questions, see a better way of living,
Ask more questions, think of a world the way
It could be,
Decide to race on circuits unknown,
And ask more questions,
And ask more questions.

Change is a constant, and those who embrace it,
Embrace also the world.
Nothing ever stays the same, and sometimes,
That’s the hardest part,
But fortune must dance it’s merry dance,
Enmeshed with values which elevate every soul,
And the planet will still turn,
And history will decide whether this moment
Was truly a turning point.

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