In the Glare of the Neon Yak

Behold, for your delectation,
A tale of woe and loneliness
And pickled gherkins.
Eerie phatasms and little old ladies,
Grumpy train announcers and rumpy pumpy.
The preoccupations of modernity
Enmeshed with mythological imaginings
And, to be honest,
Just a dash of camp.
Make your way through the
Station turnstiles,
Our locomotive awaits,
And my word, it’s long
And throbbing.
My name is Robert Garnham
And this
Is In the Glare of the Neon Yak.

Mentioned in the Guardian, Telegraph, and on BBC Radio Five Live and Radio Two as having one of the funniest jokes of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, Robert Garnham returns with his new show, In the Glare of the Neon Yak.

Robert Garnham presents a poetical, theatrical spoken word piece set on a sleeper service on a cold night. Storytelling combines with comedy, poetry and spoken word as Robert tells the tale of a train full of circus performers, stalked through the night by a mysterious supernatural entity, the Neon Yak. Wordplay and whimsy abound in this brand new solo show.

Longlisted for the last three years as Spoken Word Performer of the year, and featuring on TV advertisements for a certain building society, Robert is proud to bring his new work to a venue near you.

Here’s a brief snippet.

In the Glare of the Neon Yak


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