Oh, England.

Oh, England.What was that?

Are we still friends?

You’re scaring me.
You’re pulling out of the staff

Lottery syndicate.

Buying your own tickets now,

Hoping the big one comes along.
We turned one way

At the crossroads

Already convinced

That we were lost.
The loudest shouter

Demanded the way

That looked best for him.

He had no map.
Just instinct, 

Not even an app,

And now the engine sounds

Like its out of fuel.

You shrank.

You stink.

You snarl.

You don’t think.

You regret.
The scariest thing is wondering what

Kind of language this seemingly legitimises,

What small stands a good man can take in a world

Where hate is now seen as justifiable

Because that funny Farage bloke looks like he might

Say something similar, you know,

Sipping a lager, probably, chortling and saying it

Not because it’s right but because it sounds

Good in the saying.

He’s got the rhythms,

He’s got the moves.

He looks like he thrives in chaos.
Perhaps he’ll buy us a round.
Oh, England.

I never felt comfortable with your flag,

Seeing it more as the appropriation of the mindless

Snivelling narrow minded seething loud mouthed 

Gut-led instinct ignoring boozer whose political 

Pronouncements sound leery in the pub environment,

Just one of the lads,

Waving that flag,

Waving it with all their might,

Waving that damn flag.
We are an island.

And some think that this means

We cannot join hands,

Reach out and help those jump across

When they need it the most,

Share some love because we all have love,

Even a skinhead can have a tender heart

If only he weren’t so

Afraid to show his true emotions.

The chanting of the pack might not make sense

But when it echoes back from high street shop fronts,

There’s a certain inevitability.

All it takes is an idiot with ambition

And a modicum of hatred.
Some think we need to build a wall,

But that would only succeed in

Keeping us in.
Oh, England.

I see no boundaries,

I see no politics,

And it’s not just me.

So long as we are on this planet

We cannot escape our duties,

Our humanity,

That others might be inclined to stand tall

And say that they exist for the greater good,

For peace and love, togetherness,

Understanding, sharing,

Kindness, curiosity,

Passions of the truest kind,

Rather than some localised upchuck,

And this at least makes me

Feel slightly better about the future.

Good people will always 

Be there.

Good people wilL always

Be there.
Oh, England.

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