Exeter Poetry Slam

I have had a busy weekend rehearsing for the Exeter Poetry Slam on Sunday night. It’s going to be an interesting evening, I have never done a slam before except for the Bang Said The Gun thing in London a couple of months back. 

Part of me still wonders if it is right to judge poetry in a sporting manner seeing as though so much of it revolves around circumstance and audience response. Perhaps it is the audience who should be judged and marked. On the other hand I am looking forward to the whole event. James Turner and Clive Pig will be taking part, two of the finest performers in the South West.

i also had some fun over the weekend making a short film with the maverick director Bonjour Twain. He certainly put me through my paces and the part where he made me spin round and round was particularly challenging. The results can be seen with this link



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