Previous gigs 


(Not an exhaustive list) 

Can Openers, Bristol, 2017

Word Mustard, Weston-Super-Mare, 2017

Raise the Bar, Bristol 2016

Bang Said the Gun, Manchester, 2016

Word @ the Duplex, New York, 2016

Hammer and Tongue, Brighton, 2016

WonderZoo, Plymouth, 2016

Ooooh Beehive, Swindon, 2016

Stand Up and Slam, Edinburgh, 2016

Boomerang Club, Edinburgh, 2016

Jocular Spectacular, Exeter, 2015 (supporting Arthur Smith)

Milk, Bristol, 2016

Let’s All Be Free Film Festival, London, 2015

Scribal Gathering, Milton Keynes, 2016

Joke in the Box, Woking, 2016 (supporting Paul Sinha)

Working Title, Lancaster, 2015

Poetry Island, Torquay, 2015

Taking the Mic, Exeter, 2016

Hammer and Tongue, Bristol, 2015

Bang Said the Gun, London 2015

Evidently, Manchester, 2015

Gongoozled, London, 2014 (supporting John Hegley)

Pop Up Poetry, Guildford, 2014

Until the Lights Go Out, London, 2014

Rhyme and Reason, Bath, 2014

Forked, Plymouth, 2014

Uncut Poets, Exeter, 2014

Jawdance, London, 2014

Rhyme and Reason, Bath, 2014

Acoustic Night, Bristol, 2014

Word Command, Paignton, 2011

Cabaret Oasis, Torquay, 2010

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