He’s Wearing a Lanyard

He is wearing a lanyard
He’s obviously ever so important
He’s allowed right in to
Anyplace he pleases
The lanyard flaps
Whenever there are breezes
He. Has. Got. A. Lanyard.

He is rocking that lanyard.
It opens doors and gates.
He’s allowed right through
Different kinds of portals
You have to admit
He’s not like us mere mortals
He. Has. Got. A. Lanyard.

He is resplendent in that lanyard
With places he needs to go
He’s worshipped and adored
And welcomed don’t you know
He’s the man on top and
He is in the know.
He. Has. Got. A. Lanyard.

I wish I could wear a lanyard.
It would make me look so proper.
And if I ever got arrested
Then I would show it to the copper.
And he would let me go
I see you’re a professional, he’d say.
My lanyard a-glint in the morning sun
He’d wave me on my way.

He is wearing that lanyard.
Making his way across the meadow.
He’s ever so cool
It’s something that I relish
To be quite honest
It’s something of a fetish
To. See. Him. In. That. Lanyard.

He looks so important in that lanyard.
I wish that was all he’s wearing.
His nakedness so stark
In all the elemental
It doesn’t take much
To check out his credentials.
He. Has. Got. A. Lanyard.

Author: Robert Garnham

Performance and spoken word artist.

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